Thierry B Fine Art: Ebb and Flow

Diamond Soul , Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

Diamond Soul, Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

Aether , Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

Aether, Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

I have been a long-time admirer of artist Patricia Heaslip. Actually a decade long love affair with her paintings have haunted me with their wistfulness and transcendental gentle waves. A master of the abstract landscape, Heaslip is based in North East Victoria – she lives on a property with neighbours abutting, barely within cooee. Happily at home amongst the native flora and fauna, Trish,  as she asks me to call her, runs a thriving studio practice.

“I met Thierry B over a decade ago, and immediately was drawn to his energy and intention both as an artist and gallery director – I’m grateful to have established a dynamic and transparent relationship, I call him a great friend. He is one of my constant reminders that detachment does indeed, equal flow”. Heaslip will only ever take her brush to canvas when she is has clarified her purpose in that moment and feels present. If painting is a form of mindfulness, then Heaslip has been an ardent and fastidious student.

Fortitude , Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm .

Fortitude, Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

Walk In Silence , Oil on Canvas, 168 x 168cm.

Walk In Silence, Oil on Canvas, 168 x 168cm.

This ebb and flow, is an expression which alludes to the inward and outward movement of ocean tides. A recurrent theme in her paintings, Heaslip is quick to reference nature as inspiration.

We are all matter and forms, ephemeral and yet timeless together. Nature is marvellous in all her fecundity – I harness that energy and reveal it in layers through the canvas. While painting, experience thoughts, feelings, and sensations but never judge them.”

Her latest series grace the gallery like a blanket of love. One melon-coloured canvas is entitled “Jubilant” and absolutely exemplifies a happiness and triumph. A part of new Soul series, Heaslip experiments with undulating tone, while all the time flirting with the suggestion of depth of field. It’s a heady and seductive mix of mindful over mayhem. A taming of the soul.

Monument , Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

Monument, Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

Jubilant , Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

Jubilant, Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

Heaslip’s jewel-like offerings hold much resonance. Clear with intention, they convey much about its master painter. She brings to her practice a tranparency that alludes many artists. The painting size commands attention, as they stand to attention as sentient sentinals, happy with their pride of place on the gallery wall. Palettes of gradation invite the viewer to look always inward at the maelstorm beneath the calm exterior. Upon closer inspection, the canvases undulate , dance and shimmer with light and love.

Magnaminous , Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

Magnaminous, Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

Landlines , Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

Landlines, Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm.

The paintings are currently available at Thierry B Fine Art, 473 Malvern Rd, South Yarra.

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 5pm, Sunday and Monday closed or by appointment.

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