Welcome to the World of Thierry B.

After a visit to Thierry B Fine Art, you could well be forgiven for thinking you have discovered that the modern era of French Romanticism is alive and flourishing in South Yarra.  Thierry himself is the driven French artist fuelled by his endless imagination and his need to create. The perceived romance is the relationship he         develops with each new project, resulting in an unexpected uniqueness within the transition from hand to brush to canvas. 

Inspiration for the Romanticism of the 19th century was born from revolution, the sublime, the power of the mind in altered states, and explored emotions, spirituality, imagination and  mystery… the very themes that Thierry finds himself drawn to – subtle yet masterful in true French style. Through the empowerment of meditation, he applies repetitive strokes to finally surrender a painting that is both mindful, yet demanding of the viewer. His styles are many and varied according to his inspiration, and bravely defy the set rules of the art world that deems an artist should have one particular style, as for Thierry, that would tire his creative existence.

Expect to be engaged by both Thierry and his paintings when you visit his gallery. His unique “French-ness” is spontaneous and his formidable style is evident in the way the gallery is presented… a true showcase.  It’s his passion. This, along with his talents in high end décor and his natural ability to be able to add a touch of luxury with the perfect painting, is what has brought his clients back time after time during the past two decades.  He can and will create that special piece for you “with pleasure Darling”.

Barbara Carmichael, Art Writer. View Artists  →